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Monday, June 17, 2024

Final clue announced in Windomnet Medallion Hunt

It’s the final day to find the medallion in the annual Windomnet Medallion Hunt during Riverfest week.

Clue No. 5 was released at 9 a.m., this morning. It is: “I saw the rain coming and started to cry. So, I took shelter under a roof to keep me dry!”

Clue No. 4 is: “They say to the east can be quite a beast! So, off the west will always be the best!”

Clue No. 3 is: “Last year I laid by the lake with waves crashing by. But this year I’m going to stay dry!”

Clue No. 2 is: “Mayflower is closed, so I can’t be there. So fun times with friends is what I will share.”

Clue No. 1 is: “The time has come for fun in the sun. If you can find me the hunt will be done.”

To be eligible to win six months of free 1 gigabyte internet from Windomnet, the medallion must be found and turned into city hall by 5 p.m. today (Friday), or Windomnet reserves the right to discontinue the hunt.

If you find the medallion, come to the Citizen office after reporting to City Hall. Ctizen Online and the Cottonwood County Citizen will run a photo of the person or persons who find the medallion.

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