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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Windom to end school year early

The school year at Windom Area Schools will conclude two class days earlier than originally planned.

At Monday’s meeting, the Windom School Board approved a recommendation from Supt. Wayne Wormstadt to conclude the year for students on June 4, the same day as graduation.

The school year had originally been scheduled to end June 8. June 7 and 8 will now be staff work days.

Wormstadt said the extra days will be used to help prepare the buildings for a more-normal 2021-22 school year.

“With our late start this year, we’re losing about 10 days to our normal summer schedule,” Wormstadt said. “And with everything heading towards returning to a more normal format for the fall, we need time to get all of the buildings put back together.”

Wormstadt said that numerous classroom tables, as well as alternative seating setups, have been sitting in storage all year in favor of more traditional individual desks, which had to be spaced six feet apart.

Staff will be asked to assist with clearing out rooms and moving things back into classrooms.

Additionally, Wormstadt said that the school’s sports teams are being asked to assist. Programs that have students helping with the move will have money put into program accounts.

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