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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Graduation weekend gets going Wednesday for county schools

There won’t be any outdoor parking lot ceremonies, but schools will see some remnants from the unique things that were implemented during COVID-19 graduation celebrations last yea. Mostly, graduation will return to normal in 2021.

And that should bring smiles to graduates and parents alike.

All the graduation excitement begins Wednesday and runs through Sunday for five schools in Cottonwood County.

Red Rock Ridge Area Learning Center is holding its graduation ceremony Wednesday at 10 a.m., in the Windom Community Center.

Two more graduations are scheduled for Friday: Butterfield-Odin High School and Red Rock Central High School. On Saturday, Mt. Lake Christian School will graduate its two seniors and Westbrook-Walnut Grove High School wraps up the weekend with its commencement exercises on Sunday.

One-week late starts, due to construction, has moved Windom Area and Mt. Lake Public high schools’ graduations back to Friday, June 4.

For a close look at the five graduations planned for Wednesday and the weekend, see the story in the May 26 issue of the Cottonwood County Citizen on newsstands Wednesday.

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