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SCAM ALERT: Better Business Bureau says IP address scam uses scare tactics

The Better Business Bureau says scammers have been duping consumers with a tech support scam that claims your IP address has been compromised.

BBB is seeing an increasing number of these cons reported to BBB.org/ScamTracker. There are two versions of this scam you should be ready to spot.

Here is how the scam works. In one version of the scam, a pop-up window suddenly appears on your computer screen with an ominous warning from a well-known tech support company. The pop-up will ask you to call a number to resolve the issue.

When you call, a “technician” will tell you your IP address is being used by shady individuals. In some reports, scammers claim child pornography websites are using your IP address, and you could be held responsible for their actions.

In a second version of the scam, you simply receive a spontaneous call from someone making similar claims.

In both cases, scammers say they work for a reputable company and can fix the problem, but you’ll need to pay a fee and give them remote access to your computer first. Of course, the claims are false! If you believe them, scammers will make off with your money and gain access to any personal information stored on your computer.

Never open attachments or links in emails from unknown senders. These can generate the fake warning pop-ups that prompt you to make a call to scammers. If you do get a suspicious pop-up alert, don’t click on anything and restart your computer.

Also, be wary of unsolicited calls and ever give strangers remote access to your computer.

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