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Thursday, April 25, 2024

County approves two conditional use permits

The Cottonwood County Board of Commissioners approved a conditional use permit that paves the way for an expansion of a hog confinement lot for Schwartz Farms.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the board approved a pair of conditional use permits. The first was for Schwartz Farms to expand it’s hog confinement operation in Section 2 of Carson Township. Two new confinement units will be constructed, bringing the capacity of the operation to 1,972 animal units. The plan needed to have a manure management plan approved by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Additionally, two neighboring properties fell within the required three-quarter-mile setback. Both those property owners signed waivers, allowing the project to proceed.

The second was a renewal of a permit for a gravel mining operation for Mathiowetz Construction. The gravel pit is located in Section 32 of Dale Township. By law, mining operations are required to renew their conditional use permits every five years.

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