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Retirements to leave assessor’s office short

The Cottonwood County assessor’s office will see a significant change in personnel in the coming months.

At Tuesday’s regular meeting, Cottonwood County Commissioners approved the retirement notices of both county assessor Gale Bondhus and deputy assessor Alan Coners — the two most-senior employees of the office.

Coners’ retirement takes effect June 30.

Bondhus’ retirement is effective Sept. 10. However, because of accrued vacation time, her final physical day in the assessor’s office will be July 6.

The board discussed plans to fill the vacant positions. Commissioner Larry Anderson noted there are options the office is looking at to fill the position of county assessor. However, there are several requirements regarding training that one needs to complete in order to serve as either county assessor or deputy assessor.

The board will post internally for the assessor and deputy assessor positions, as well as vacant senior appraiser and appraiser positions.

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