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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Community delivers ‘heart attack’ to LEC

There was a major “heart attack” at the Cottonwood County Law Enforcement Center on Wednesday evening. But it may the only time the Windom Ambulance Service wasn’t called.

The “attack” involved area residents, primarily community members and 4-H clubs, making, signing and posting various colored, construction paper hearts on the walls, windows and doors — inside and out — at the entrance of the LEC.


“There are so many negative things out there about law enforcement, that we need to show that we support them — that we’ve got their six,” said Casey Harrington, one of more than a dozen people, young and old alike, who were making and posting hearts.

Many of the hearts also had messages from a simple “Thank You!” to “We say prayers for you every day!” Some were even more involved.

For more on the appreciation shown for local law enforcement, see the story in the May 5 issue of the Cottonwood County Citizen.

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