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Windom Robotics get World invites

On Saturday, it looked as though the Windom Eagles Robotics program’s season had come to an end. Although Windom performed well at Friday and Saturday’s Minnesota VEX Robotics State Championships, they didn’t reach the finals and didn’t receive an award that would have given them an automatic berth in the VEX Robotics Live Remote World Championships.

And then Monday arrived.

Windom Robotics adviser Jill Defries learned that two Windom teams have been invited to the Live Remote World Championships, May 17-22.

Windom’s 7192A team of seniors Philip Ackerman and Keith Swenson received an invite, as well as Windom’s sixth-grade Masked Bandits team of Caelen Ralston, Blake Thompson, Mynor Mendoza and Jesus Guillen.

“It’s a three-day virtual event that can be done right from our (robotics) rooms,” Defries explained. “I don’t think we’ll be accepting the invitation for the middle school, but the high school team is wanting to move forward with it, mainly because they’re seniors.”

And the opportunity to compete is a little bigger honor than in the past. In earlier years, if a team declined an invitation, the committee went to the next team on the list. This year, if a team declines an invitation, the invitation goes away.

Defries said that the team now must do two things:

•  It must compete in two live remote tournaments, which it will need to find in the next three weeks.

•  It will need to find the funds to be able to compete in the World Championships.

“The season is definitely not over yet for us,” Defries confirmed.

For more on the Windom Robotics program’s showing in the state championships over the weekend, see the story on the Education page in the April 21 issue of the Cottonwood County Citizen on newsstands today.

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