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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

County jail administrator retires

The staff at the Cottonwood County Jail will see a significant change at the end of May.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Cottonwood County Commissioners approved the resignation/retirement notice of longtime jail administrator Kristi Sell, effective May 31.
Sell has been employed 29 years by the county jail.

The board also discussed the succession plan for the jail staff, noting that current jailer/dispatcher supervisor Jason Rupp is the only employee qualified to take over as the new jail administrator.

The board approved a promotion for Rupp to jail administrator, effective May 24, to allow for training for the new position. Rupp has been employed by the county for 22 years, with the last six as jailer/dispatcher supervisor.

The board also authorized posting internally for the vacant jailer/dispatcher supervisor position. County Coordinator Kelly Thongvivong noted that several employees are qualified and would likely be interested in the jailer/dispatcher supervisor position.

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