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SCAM ALERT: Overpayment scam hits Storden area resident

You wouldn’t ordinarily think that an overpayment for goods or services could be a bad thing.

However, it was just that thought process that a scammer recently tried to use against a Storden area resident, according to Sheriff Jason Purrington. The scam target called the Cottonwood County Sheriff’s Department shortly after 11 a.m. on April 9 to report that a scam had been attempted.

According to the report, the resident received a check for $1,350 for goods and services and was told to keep $1,000 of that amount and return $350. (The specific type of goods and services was not reported.)

This scam works like this: the scammer’s check is bogus, but the scammer hopes to receive the $350 (often in gift cards or money orders) before it is discovered that the check is worthless.

Fortunately in this case, the scam effort was discovered by the resident before any funds exchanged hands. Purrington said this is a very common scam attempt in the region.

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