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Thursday, July 18, 2024

County board hears concerns about County Road 8

Improvements to County Road 8 were not on Cottonwood County’s five-year road plan, but the road’s condition was a point of emphasis at Tuesday’s Cottonwood County Commissioners meeting.

Representatives from Midway and Selma townships, as well as a few area businesses, attended the meeting to voice their concern over the condition of the gravel road between Highway 60 and Highway 30.

The consensus was the desire to see the road converted to a 10-ton roadway, which would allow it to handle agricultural traffic more safely.

Highway Engineer Nick Klisch noted the last time improvements to County Road 8 were addressed was in 2014, with the possibility of paving the road in 2016 discussed. That paving was never done.

Klisch told the board that, despite the complaints, he hadn’t seen County Road 8 in an unsafe condition, stating that the road is similar to other roads in the county that have major agricultural use. He added that traffic counts on several gravel roads in the county are being done this year and that the county has increased the amount of gravel it has put on roads.

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