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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Independent study brings strong numbers for Windom Shopper

It appears the Windom Shopper has a jaw-dropping 80% market share in the Cottonwood County area.

That audited figure was reported by Circulation Verification Council an independent group that surveyed area readers in December. Tim Bigaman,

CVC owner, said the Shopper’s market share is impressive, especially when compared to other markets.

“The national average is 74%,” Bigaman said. “At 80% market share, that is a huge ability to reach a market and get a response from advertisers.

“It means there is very little waste in your distribution system. When 80% of the copies are getting read, it doesn’t get much better than that.”

When readers were asked whether they frequently purchase products or services from ads seen in the Shopper, 75.9% said “yes” and 24.1% said “no.”

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