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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

SCAM ALERT: Westbrook woman sees new Amazon scam

This week, a Westbrook woman was on the receiving end of what appeared to be a completely new scam involving an Amazon.com.

The woman contacted windomnews.com this week to report that Amazon officials took great interest in her report and vowed to track down the scammers and “prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.”

Here is her story:

“Yesterday, I received a call from someone saying they were with Amazon,” the woman said. “I was interested because I had recently ordered something from Amazon. But they kept referring to Amazon Prime and I don’t have Amazon Prime (which is an account upgrade).
“Then they said I could have Amazon Prime for so many months at such and such a price.”

The caller instructed the resident to press a number and somehow the call was disconnected. Something seemed suspicious, so the woman called Amazon and provided her story.

“They said right away, ‘That is a scam. We will never reach out to our customers in that way to extend Prime.”

Fortunately, the resident gave out no specific information and made no payments.

“One thing that was interesting, the woman added, was the phone number: 507-830-7701,” the resident said. “That looks like a local number, I suppose so that I would take the call. That’s how they operate.”

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