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Sunday, May 19, 2024

County approves equipment to combat aquatic invasive species

Four of Cottonwood County’s most active boat landings will soon have new equipment to help combat the spread of aquatic invasive species.

At Tuesday’s Cottonwood County Commissioners meeting, Planning and Zoning Technician Alex Schultz discussed a proposal to add equipment at four boat landings to help boaters remove aquatic invasive species from their boats and trailers.

The AIS landing stations include retractable 30-foot vinyl cables on a reel and a four-foot stick to help remove weeds or other debris from boats, motors and trailers.

Schultz said he planned to install the stations at the county’s four busiest boat landings, on Talcot, Cottonwood, Bingham and Mountain lakes.

Cost of each landing station is $2,190. Schultz said the county currently has a surplus of $167,000 in funds that can be used to address projects involving aquatic invasive species.

The board approved the request.

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