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Monday, July 22, 2024

Ice fishing houses must be removed by Monday

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reminds ice anglers that, beginning Monday, any ice fishing shelter structures must be removed from lakes in Southern Minnesota.

After Monday, any shelters for ice fishing must be completely portable and will not be allowed to be kept unoccupied on lakes south of a designated line that runs along U.S. Highway 10 to State Highway 34, State Highway 100 and, finally, U.S. Highway 2.

Fish houses on any lakes that are along the Minnesota state line with South Dakota or North Dakota have until March 5 to be removed.

The DNR also reminds anglers that recent warm weather may have impacted the thickness and strength of ice on area lakes. Anglers should be mindful of areas that could possibly have thin ice, and remember that no ice is completely safe.


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