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Thursday, July 18, 2024

County finalizes second round of COVID grants

A second round of COVID relief grant funding was finalized by Cottonwood County Commissioners at a special meeting Tuesday.

The board approved $250,000 in relief grants to businesses and nonprofits.

In the application process, the board specified that applicants that received previous funding were eligible for an additional $1,500 grant, while first-time applicants would be eligible for $3,500.

In all, 28 small businesses received $3,500 each, while another 34 received $1,500. For nonprofits, 18 received $3,500, while another 16 received $1,500.

The county spent $6,250 in administrative costs. The excess money from the $256,250 package — $14,000 in all — was divided equally among the seven bars and restaurants that applied for grants.

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