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Thursday, July 18, 2024

SCAM ALERT: Mt. Lake resident reports power tool scam

Through several months of running regular Thursday scam alerts on windomnews.com, we have learned that scams can involve almost anything these days. You name it, they fit it into a scam.

The latest report from a Mt. Lake resident involved power tools. The telemarketer used a 507 area code, although the call came from California.

The resident said he bought $144 worth of tools, only to find the order wasn’t complete and was worth half what he could have paid at a local hardware store for the same thing.

“They are high pressure, in your face and will swear at you if you don’t order from them,” the resident said.

Another time, the same buyer said he ordered tools that were misrepresented adding: “They said they were name brand, like Milwaukee, or DeWalt, but ended up being an off-market, made in Taiwan tools.”

The moral of the story is, check your order, check the company’s background and consider buying from a reputable local business, where you can see exactly what you are ordering.

Send your story to: rahnl@windomnews.com, or call 507-831-3455. Stories will appear in an upcoming edition and in a Thursday website report. By sharing your story, you may prevent others from being scammed.

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