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Monday, April 22, 2024

SCAM ALERT: Jeffers resident reports Dish Network scam

Through months of reporting scams each Thursday on windomnews.com, one thing has become apparent–there is no single formula to scams.

Last week, the Cottonwood County Sheriff’s Department received one of the first local reports of a scammer posing as a Dish Network employee. According to Sheriff Jason Purrington, a Jeffers resident contacted deputies to report receiving a call from a Dish Network staffer stating there were problems with their Dish account–only it was not a Dish Network employee. It was a scammer.

“They were asked to send a check a check to Dish Network,” Purrington said. “They sent a $240 check to what they thought was Dish Network.”

It was not actually the Dish Network address. As a result, the resident was out $240.

In this era of frequent scams, residents are told it’s a good idea to study “out-of-the-blue” calls and social media contacts with a wary eye. It is also wise to double-check business addresses before sending out payments.

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