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Thursday, June 20, 2024

County board addresses tax issues

Cottonwood County Commissioners addressed a pair of tax issues at Tuesday’s meeting.

County Auditor/Treasurer Donna Torkelson informed the board of a request to waive a late payment fee for second half property taxes from The Toro Company.

Torkelson stated that Toro had yet to pay its second-half taxes, adding that other large employers in the region also have delayed payment.

Commissioner Donna Gravley stated that the county had previously denied a similar request from the city of Windom.

The board denied the request.

The board then discussed a note from a resident who discovered he had been paying taxes to the wrong school district.

Norbert Evers contacted the board, stating he noticed his 2020 taxes had a drastic increase due to the Mt. Lake school referendum. However, Evers is a resident of the Comfrey school district. He had caught the mistake after paying the taxes.

The board voted to refund the money Evers paid as part of the mistake, with adjustments being made to the Evers tax statement, as well as payments to the Mt. Lake and Comfrey districts, being applied to the 2021 taxes.

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