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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Deadline nears to apply for Operation Round Up

Area organizations are reminded not to miss out on the next round of Operation Round Up.

The next deadline is Feb. 12 for Operation Round Up funds from Federated Rural Electric’s Trust Board.

Operation Round Up involves about 80% of Federated’s members in Jackson and Martin counties.

They allow their monthly electric bills to be rounded up to the nearest dollar amount. The “rounded up” change goes into a trust fund. An independent Trust Board, which consists of Federated members, evaluates local funding requests and distributes the funds.

The application form can be downloaded from Federated’s website: www.federatedrea.coop.
You can also call Federated at 507-847-3520 or 1-800-321-3520. Ask for Andrea to request an application, or e-mail: info@federatedrea.coop.

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